14 October, 2013
  • nicola: although she's more of an acquaintance than a friend
  • nicola: frankly i was flattered that i was invited
30 September, 2013
  • lorna: it was someone i met somewhere at something
17 August, 2013

studmuffiny quotes


(playing taboo) abs: think scooby doo
richard: dooby?

lims: do you have dates?
loma: yeah
lims: can i have some?
loma: actually no

abs: do you like apple pie?
lorna: yeah
abs: then you’ll looooove apple fries!

allison: dolphins are everywhere!

abs: there’s nothing pretty about being messy
lorna: you sound like a mom

me: your blue poker chips are glittery? no wait, it’s only some of them..
abs: who has glitter in my house??
richard: whoooops

abs: i feel slutty

ross: is that a leech on my foot?!?!
richard: probably not..

allison (driving on a winding road): i hope you guys don’t get sick… but i don’t really care

allison: i don’t like getting too tan… cuz then i have to change my foundation

lorna: i wanna see the new oscar grant movie
carolyn: fruitvale station
lorna: yeah
me (thinking he’s the director): what else has oscar grant done?
*lorna looks at me really weirdly*
me: what?
lorna: he died

allison: k we’re going home
lorna: are we going home home or to abs’ home?

allison: if he didn’t text back, say fuck you!!
lorna: fuck you!!
allison: but no don’t really say fuck you, say—
lorna: no, say fuck you!!
allison: oh my god! YEAH! SAY FUCK YOU!!

11 August, 2013

running list of bad puns

  • "i’m stumped" -chinmay while at the big stump
  • "you could say this party is …nuts!" -romil at our pb party
  • "let the base drop" -abs while playing jenga 
31 July, 2013

take one for the team!

— allison/laxmi

31 July, 2013

heeeh - heeh

— romil

29 July, 2013
  • Nicola: we can discuss this tomorrow but do you wanna do peanut butter party AND wine and cheese?
  • don't have to force it on caro haha
  • Lorna: That's what I was thinking too!!
  • Nicola: then we can be cute creative and classy
  • Lorna: Glad we are on the same page
  • Nicola: hahaha
  • Lorna: We already are though~
  • Nicola: loool
  • yes we are
  • Lorna: Haha I haven't used that little tilde in so long
  • And we can makeshift karaoke at my house
  • Like connect the laptop to the tv and play lyric YouTube videos haha
  • Idk how well that would work out though
  • Nicola: i thought of that too!!!
  • Lorna: !!!
  • Maybe we were always meant to have conjoined bday parties
8 July, 2013


allison to lorna: you like touched my booboo

lorna (while playing settlers): long time no ten

lorna: yeah i wish i had a sibling
allison: you have a walk in closet though

8 July, 2013

studmuffiny camping quotes


romil and ross: heh heh heh heh heh
me and lorna: HAHAHAHAHA

ross: nice job almost hitting the fucking railing. oh shoot i swore!
romil: you don’t swear?
ross: not around girls
romil: dude that’s fucking weird

romil: it’s the average-est beer i’ve ever had

romil (on what his fetish is): doughnuts
someone: that doesn’t count as a fetish
romil: no hold on, i find that the most attractive girls are the ones that aren’t afraid to eat a doughnut

romil: the ass isn’t about how it feels, it’s about how it looks. that’s why there’s the word ass in aesthetics

abs (on fetishes): eyes. i want eyes that can express innocence and ferocity at the same time
ross: oh i think i know what you mean. like ‘i want to ravish you but i don’t know how’?
abs: no

romil (while we were on the big stump): how big do you think this tree was?
chinmay: i dunno, i’m STUMPED!
chinmay: since the start of the hike i was really hoping someone would ask me a question so i could make that joke

me: do you ever take baths? like not showers but baths
lorna: yeah sometimes. do you?
me: i haven’t in… over a decade
lorna: you need to take a bath!

me: that hot chocolate read more post is probably my favorite post on all of tumblr
lorna: (in the most grateful voice i have ever heard) thank you
lorna: i didn’t mean it to come out like that

lorna: once in the middle of an argument with my mom i was like ‘hold on, i’m going to record this’

ross: have you two ladies been up all night?
me and lorna: yeah
ross: dear god
me: what?
ross: dear. god.

7 July, 2013


— allison