5 March, 2012
  • catherine: it's okay though cause after we eat all this we can go to the beach and burn it all off!
  • karen: wait are we going to the ocean?
  • catherine: no, we're going to a swimming pool.
  • karen: no i meant like are we going to ocean beach?
  • catherine: ohhh. no we're going to half moon bay.
  • karen: there are beaches in half moon bay?
3 March, 2012
  • abs: so what's lorna like when she's smashed?
  • caro: i don't know, she's never been.
  • karen: ...wait what's smashed?
  • abs: you know, like... hammered.
  • karen: do you guys hit each other or something?
27 January, 2012

people should stop stealing things that don’t belong to them. #burglars

— karen wu’s status

29 November, 2011
  • carolyn: omg me and karen have such deep conversations
  • nicola: oh i can imagine
  • carolyn: "Karen: yo bro wats english hw"
  • i reply like two hours later
  • "me: idk"
  • she replies like two hours later
  • "Karen: coool"
  • end of conversation
11 September, 2011

Currently its golf season at school so i go clubbing everyday. it gets quite tiring.

Karen Woo

10 September, 2011
  • nicola: i still have carolyn's poo bag.
  • catherine: O___O WHAT?!
  • nicola: ...there's no poo in it. oh we can use it as a trash bag!
  • karen woo: wait was it for rocky's poo?
  • catherine: no it was for carolyn's.
10 September, 2011

friday night, and TGIF starts playing on the radio

  • karen (shouts out the window, pointing her finger violently): DOOD THIS MAKES SENSE!!
27 July, 2011

karen wu’s info box:

"i like to cruise in my car and listen to r&b, hiphop, pop music."