3 July, 2014
  • lorna: you know how i always use a microphone when we vidchat? i realized i don't have to use that cuz there's a microphone in my laptop
13 March, 2014
loma using the video as a mirror to take out her contact during our video chat

loma using the video as a mirror to take out her contact during our video chat

25 November, 2013
  • lorna: goodbye muffins
17 November, 2013
  • lorna: accidently opened up a 7 min exercise website so just started doing it
12 November, 2013
  • lorna: did you drive all the way to dominican republic? (she meant dominican university)
30 September, 2013
  • lorna: it was someone i met somewhere at something
29 July, 2013
  • Nicola: we can discuss this tomorrow but do you wanna do peanut butter party AND wine and cheese?
  • don't have to force it on caro haha
  • Lorna: That's what I was thinking too!!
  • Nicola: then we can be cute creative and classy
  • Lorna: Glad we are on the same page
  • Nicola: hahaha
  • Lorna: We already are though~
  • Nicola: loool
  • yes we are
  • Lorna: Haha I haven't used that little tilde in so long
  • And we can makeshift karaoke at my house
  • Like connect the laptop to the tv and play lyric YouTube videos haha
  • Idk how well that would work out though
  • Nicola: i thought of that too!!!
  • Lorna: !!!
  • Maybe we were always meant to have conjoined bday parties
3 June, 2013
  • nicola: i saw jisoo today
  • lorna: ooh howd his hair look
  • nicola: flat and orange
  • lorna: just how i remember
20 May, 2013
  • lorna: all the cool sounding majors have really unclear career paths
25 April, 2013
  • nicola: you know sometimes i think my true calling is manual labor
  • lorna: haha DUDE
  • i know what you mean
  • --
  • lorna: but theres a really cool documentary i watched about janitors once
  • it was really cool
  • --
  • nicola: when i was a kid i kinda wanted to be a maid
  • lorna: haha really?
  • nicola: yeah
  • i thought it was a legitimate career option
  • lorna: wait why did you want to be a maid
  • you could have taken that hotel hospitality class at sm haha
  • it is a legitimate career for some people
  • nicola: i liked organizing things when i went to stores
  • like if nail polish colors were in the wrong place
  • and obviously the logical conclusion to draw from that was that i should be a maid
  • i am loling at my own joke
  • and now i am loling at myself for loling at my own joke