3 December, 2011

nuka playlist 4!

  • Mike Posner - I Don’t Trust Myself
  • Little Dragon - Stormy Weather
  • Clara C - Heartstrings
  • Caro Emerald - Riviera Life
  • Royalty - Brown Eyed Girl
  • Perry Como - Glendora
  • Kate Voegele - Kindly Unspoken
  • Weezer - Put Me Back Together
  • Weezer - I Don’t Want to Let You Go
  • The Pretty Reckless - You
  • Son Lux - Flickers
  • Ingrid Michaelson - The Way I Am
  • Leighton Meester - Body Control
  • Mika - Grace Kelly
  • Janelle Monáe - Faster
  • Reeve Oliver - I Want Burns
  • Skye Sweetnam - Tangled Up in Me

playlist: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_Pn_NKVgAw&list=PL282C7CADEA8E4C8E&index=1&feature=plpp_video

4 September, 2011

more of nuka’s music!

  • Astrud Gilberto - Girl From Ipanema
  • Jayme Dee - Love Whiplash
  • The Pretty Reckless - Zombie
  • Alex Day and Kristina Horner - Modern Nature (Cover)
  • Stars - Your Ex-Lover Is Dead
  • Radiohead - Talk Show Host
  • Big If (Ryan Key’s band during the Yellowcard Hiatus, the band that brought you Hang You Up) - Bunny And Me
  • Hot Chelle Rae - Smile For The Camera
  • Latin Dreams - Quiero Una Chica
  • Timothy Victor (but I don’t get it cuz he’s a guy and the singer I’m pretty sure is a girl) - This Is My City
  • AJ Rafael ft. Jesse Barrera - She Was Mine
  • Fiona Apple - Criminal
  • Ingrid Michaelson - Everybody
  • Sumo Cyco (Skye Sweetnam’s band) - Mercy
  • NeverShoutNever - On The Brightside
  • Lincoln Hawk (made up band for Gossip Girl) - Everytime
  • Cafe Tacuba - Avientame

playlist: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3jrJ5mcCshw&list=PL37D1A8E125F6690C&feature=plpp

27 August, 2011

more music!!!!!!!!

  • Matt Nathanson - Falling Apart
  • Snow Patrol - Chocolate
  • Sherwood - For the Longest Time, Song in my head, the town that you live in, alley cat, middle of the night, etc.
  • Death Cab For Cutie - Your Heart is an Empty Room, Marching Bands of Manhattan, Soul meets body
  • Maroon 5 - Never Gonna Leave This Bed
  • Rise Against - Swing Life Away
  • The Killers - Spaceman
  • Jack Johnson - You and Your Heart
  • Matt Kearney - Hey Mama, Ships in the Night, etc.
  • The Airborne Toxic Event - Gasoline
  • Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc.
  • Fountains of Wayne - Hey Julie
  • Amber Pacific - fall back into my life, gone so young
  • Foo Fighters - Wheels
  • Anberlin - A day late, the unwinding cable car
  • Faded paper figures - B-film
  • daphne loves derby - hammers and hearts
  • the script - nothing
  • crystal castles - vanished
  • matisyahu - one day
  • melee - the masquerade
  • rocky votolato - white daisy passing
  • yo la tengo - hey mr. tough

playlist: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Atw2ixzOR0g&feature=BFp&list=PL904825AE99B3F284

27 August, 2011


Rise - Eddie Vedder

Atmosphere - Mree

Changes - David Bowie

Fake Plastic Trees - Radiohead

Oracao - A banda mais bonita

Mimizan - Beirut

Cracklin’ Rosie - Neil Diamond

Homeward Bound - Simon & Garfunkel

Jolene - Ray LaMontagne

Hey Jude (Beatles Cover) - Ella Fitzgerald

Ships in the Night - Mat Kearney

Once Upon A Time There was an Ocean - Paul Simon

Tiny Dancer - Elton John

Blowin In The Wind - Bob Dylan

Que Sera Sera - Doris Day

Helplessness Blues - Fleet Foxes

Just a Feeling - Maroon 5

I gave you all - Mumford and Sons 

Stuck on a Puzzle - Alex Turner

Choice Notes - Alex Winston (this version though: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDxAi8p9AwQ her album version sounds weird)

God Damn Girl - Motopony

i added a little music link to our description box so we can find all our music posts we tagged! :D

playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL166680DFA416B55C

11 July, 2011

good life - onerepublic, waking up

we’ve got pretty good great lives.

from paris to china to san franciscooooo

30 June, 2011

nicola’s favorite yellowcard songs and fun facts!

  • October Nights - their most famous song before they were famous. i love how he says “tight” at 1:00 like it’s tight, you know?
  • Avondale - a feud song with a song from a band that ryan key (lead singer) used to be in. some of the same lyrics are used, but they’re from ryan’s pov.
  • Powder - yellowcard’s first official music video is of this song. it’s a pretty shitty music video.
  • Ocean Avenue
  • Empty Apartment
  • Only One - probably yellowcard’s second most famous song.
  • One Year, Six Months
  • Two Weeks from Twenty - i know this was on my last playlist but it is probably my all time favorite yellowcard song. it’s kind of different from the other songs and it’s like a story and it has a strong message and all and i love how his voice goes all high when he says “and then you hear ‘em say” and how in the bridge he goes, “thank you sir for taking my boy” and you can just hear the anger ahhh.
  • How I Go - this song is based on the movie “big fish”. in the movie, the dad is dying, and he repeatedly says “this isn’t how i go”. i didn’t like this song much at first buut now i do.
  • Light Up the Sky - probably the third most famous yc song
  • Five Becomes Four - this was the only song at the concert that i didn’t know was coming because it wasn’t on the set list i saw so i got preetty excited. i will never look at a set list for a concert i’m going to again.
  • Dear Bobbie - ryan key’s grandpa wrote this song as a letter for his wife. it’s actually his grandpa’s voice throughout the song. he recorded his voice and emailed it to ryan key. again, didn’t like this song too much at first, but now i do.
  • You and Me and One Spotlight
  • With You Around - do you remember when i said you were my only one? get it? get it? you are my only, my only onee. hahaha.
  • Soundtrack - i loove the part right before the second/third chorus. i spazzed the first time i heard it. and the second. and third.

playlist: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgKSGtgzGp0&feature=mh_lolz&list=PL0AA77C0C9D3FE66F


15 June, 2011

nicola’s songs!

  • youth group - forever young
  • yellowcard - two weeks from twenty
  • weezer - hash pipe
  • the pretty reckless - nothing left to lose
  • the beach boys - barbara ann
  • shiny toy guns - ghost town
  • the summer set - punch drunk love
  • lucky twice - me and you
  • joan jett and the blackhearts - crimson and clover
  • skye sweetnam - human
  • janelle monae - cold war
  • taylor swift - hey stephen

playlist: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQi8wEHMm5Y&feature=BFp&list=PLFF2D1756D42ECF58&index=1

11 June, 2011

laxmi’s songs!

  • pumped up kicks - foster the people
  • always - panic! at the disco
  • aurora - the foo fighters
  • you can’t always get what you want - the rolling stones
  • chicago - the academy is
  • teenager - the thrills
  • barbarism begins at home - the smiths
  • up in the clouds - darwin deez
  • vegas skies - the cab
  • war bells - royal bangs
  • the rake song - the decemberists
  • stop crying your heart out - oasis
  • midnight choir - the thrills

playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFA23A6B0D73AE849&feature=mh_lolz

11 June, 2011

carolyn’s songs!

this is kind of a mix of songs that i’ve always liked and songs that i’ve recently discovered. yee :)

  1. Always Running Out Of Time - Motion City Soundtrack
  2. The Resolution - Jack’s Mannequin
  3. New Slang / Girl Inform Me / Young Pilgrims / anything else by The Shins
  4. Something Good Can Work (The Twelves Remix) - Two Door Cinema Club
  5. Wishing Well - The Airborne Toxic Event
  6. Shadowfeet - Brooke Fraser
  7. Signs - Bloc Party
  8. Show Me What I’m Looking For - Carolina Liar
  9. A Crush To Pass The Time - Plushgun
  10. Awakening - Switchfoot

playlist: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftIX3gpBWtk&playnext=1&list=PL5FFBFBEC5DEB3A21